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Legal Entity

Establishing a legal entity in an EU country

A legal entity is a legally recognized organization or entity which is used to conduct business in the European Union. It is created by a law or legal process and is recognized as a separate entity from its owners or members.

Coordinating the setting-up process and establishment of the operational structure

Establishing a legal entity in an EU country can be a complex process which requires being on site in order to follow the progress, have direct access to service providers if necessary as well as understand the specific business environment. That’s why we coordinate in your interest the setting-up process with legal advisors and set up the operational structure in an EU country, in particular in France and in Germany.

An entity is created by a law or legal process and is recognized as being separate from its owners or members. A legal entity can be a corporation, limited liability company (LLC), partnership, sole proprietorship, non-profit organization, or any other type of entity that is recognized by the law. The legal entity has its own legal rights and obligations, and it is responsible for its own debts and liabilities.

> We coordinate for our international clients the setting-up process of a legal entity in an EU country and if they wish we set up the operational structure.

We support the following steps in order to help our clients establish a legal entity in an EU country

Choose a legal structure and an EU country

Depending on the situation, the choice of country and type of legal entity goes hand in hand. This choice can be determined by the targeted market, as well as by the ease of establishment or possible subsidies.

Possible decision factors

> Potential legal structures
> Country advantages

If your choice is not yet made, we will help you to get clarity.

Register your business

Once you’ve chosen a legal structure and a country, you need to register your business with the relevant authorities. This typically involves filing paperwork, providing identification documents, and paying registration fees.

Obtain necessary licenses and permits

Depending on the nature of your business, you may need to obtain additional licenses and permits to operate legally. These can vary by country and industry.

We coordinate lawyers, notaries and other service providers according to your interests.

Choose a bank and open a bank account

A bank account in the EU country where your legal entity is or will be established is indispensable. Services may vary depending on the bank. It is important to choose the one that is most appropriate for your business.

Decision factors

> Easy intra-EU transactions as well as cross-border invoicing services because not all countries of the European Union are members of the Euro zone.
> Accounts and transfers in EU currencies, Swiss Francs, US or Canadian Dollars, Pounds Sterling, Indian Rupees or Yuan at an advantageous cost.
> A customer advisor dedicated to your business.

We collect the offers for you, manage the account opening procedure and monitore the deposit of share capital.

Comply with tax and employment laws

Comply with the tax and employment laws of the country where your legal entity is or will be established. This can involve registering for taxes, filing regular reports, and complying with labour laws.

We suggest potential certified accountants and tax advisers.

Set up the operational structure

Establishing a legal entity includes the legal setting-up process as well as operational aspects at the location in order to launch and enable operations. The necessary infrastructure that needs to be developed obviously depends on your activity.

Strategic planning and support

> Select and equip location and production sites.
> Find and suggest external service providers.
> Negotiate SLA and solve problems.

We support your project by taking stock of all the requirements as well as your capabilities in order to plan the operations to successfully launch your activity.

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