High Service Quality

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Best practices for excellent international management services

We place great value on implementing client requirements in such a way that absolute client satisfaction is guaranteed.

In order to fulfil our role as an intermediary dedicated to achieving your objectives on the European market, our actions are guided by the rules of good practice thereby allowing us to deliver a high-quality service.

Delivering services that meet client expectations

High service quality refers to the delivery of services that meet or exceed the expectations and needs of our clients. That is why our services are tailored and fulfil the following features:


Services are contractually specified. Since the requirements and objectives, which form the basis for the project, have been precisely recorded, milestones can be established and reached step by step, and continuously communicated online in project reports. Even services that do not require a project are subject to a written order.


The use of collaborative platforms and regular exchange with both our customers and external service providers ensures a high level of responsiveness.


Both we, Senergia.de, as the project coordinator and the external service providers, who are selected on the basis of their technical competence and qualifications, are able to provide the service competently, conscientiously and professionally.


The technological environment and the facilities used to collaborate and deliver international management services comply with the standards offered by recognized suppliers such as Microsoft, Zoom and Miro.

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Legal Entity

Establishing a legal entity
in an EU country.
Business Strategy Implementation Europe jf kaertner

Business Implementation

Putting a company’s plans
into action in the EU.
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Market Communication

Managing market communication in EU countries.
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