Third-Party Management

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Involving selected experts for a targeted implementation

The selection, involvement and coordination of external service providers such as legal advisers, marketing and communication agencies, IT and other service providers form the core of our service, along with the guarantee of the targeted implementation of your strategy and operations in the EU.

Keep an eye on EU country specifics, minimize risks and optimize chances of success

External service providers are experts in their field and are usually active in one or more EU countries. They are therefore relevant business partners, able to contribute to strategy implementation and operations. The external service provider coordination involves the oversight and control of activities and risks associated with these third-party relationships to ensure that they align with a client company’s business objectives and comply with relevant laws and regulations.

Managing the key steps in the client’s interrest

Single project and global management approach

The management of external service providers can be viewed as part of a single project or as part of a global management approach to optimizing costs and ensuring compliance. We use both approaches and manage essential key steps in the interests of our clients.

Identifying and proposing a selection of third-party service providers

We identify and propose third-party service providers for a single project or a global approach involving vendors or suppliers chosen on the basis of project and client criteria, such as qualification, quality, cost-effectiveness, and reliability.

Conducting due diligence

We conduct due diligence to evaluate a third-party’s ability to provide the goods or services required, as well as their compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.


We negotiate and manage contracts with third-party vendors or suppliers, including outlining terms and conditions, pricing, and service level agreements.


We monitor of third-party performance to ensure that they meet contractual obligations and deliver goods or services on time, which are in accordance with agreed-upon quality standards, and addressing any compliance issues that arise.

Assessing Risks

We identify and assess third-party risks, including risks related to data privacy, security and compliance, and implementing appropriate risk mitigation strategies.

Ensuring Compliance

We ensure that third-party relationships comply with relevant laws, regulations, and internal policies, and addressing any compliance issues that arise.

> We offer a comprehensive approach to assessing and managing third party relationships in the European Union.

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Legal Entity

Establishing a legal entity
in an EU country.
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Business Implementation

Putting a company’s plans
into action in the EU.
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Market Communication

Managing market communication in EU countries.
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