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Together with experts I launch and follow your business activities in the EU

Business in Europe is a service provided by Senergia.de, a limited-liability company based in Stuttgart, Germany. Managing director is J.-Frédéric Kaertner.

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JF Kaertner

J.- Frédéric Kaertner is a bi-national senior economist, he manages the German limited liability company senergia.de dedicated to international management support in the fields of technology, implementation of distribution strategy and online marketing. He is also a guest lecturer at the German publisher WEKA Media.

Senergia specializes in international management support

Senergia specializes in international management support. Although we have extensive experience with France and Germany, our services extend to all EU countries. Activities include international project management in the commercial sector as well as cooperations, the coordination of external service providers, business process management and consulting. The use of modern communication technologies and collaborative platforms allow smooth cooperation across countries and continents.

The project management concept

For many years my company has been implementing commercial projects in the EU mainly through a process of coordinating external service providers with legal expertise, but also involving internet technology, digital marketing and public relations.

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Due to its small size, Senergia is particularly flexible and responsive and, thanks to its ecosystem of experts, is able to provide tailor-made services in the EU to its international clients, originating both inside and outside the European Union.


Invoicing is generally done on the basis of real-time fees. In some cases it can be done on the basis of commissions.

Please understand that we do not provide any services to companies and clients from countries targeted by sanctions taken by the European Union or the United States of America, nor support projects related to banned countries.

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Legal Entity

Establishing a legal entity
in an EU country.
Business Strategy Implementation Europe jf kaertner

Business Implementation

Putting a company’s plans
into action in the EU.
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Market Communication

Managing market communication in EU countries.
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